Our Story

Among the Wild, an active lifestyle brand that hails from the verdant terrains of Georgia, is an anthem, a love song, a salute to those who feel an unending pull toward the enigma that is nature. Our journey began in the year 2016, planted from the simple seed of an Instagram account. The purpose? To document the quiet thrill of venturing into the wilderness, the unspoiled moments of nature's own brand of magic.

The story of Among the Wild is not told in isolated chapters but unfolded like a trail on a map. What originated as an homage to unforgettable journeys swiftly captivated like-minded souls, becoming a beacon for those who speak the same language of the wild. Today, we have blossomed into an online community, a magnetic hub that daily fuels the adventurous spirit of thousands.

At Among the Wild, we believe that life is better outside, and we appreciate its simple joys: the serenity in every sunrise, the perspective gained from the top of a snow-capped mountain and the wonder in the wildlife that surrounds us. Through our products, our hope is to spread this sentiment and encourage others to discover the beauty that awaits.

We are Among the Wild. Welcome to the journey.

Meet the Owner

Jack Rabinovitch, the man behind the vision, personifies the brand's philosophy. Pictured sporting blue goggles, his gaze holds the glint of countless adventures, a testament to the passion that fuels Among the Wild. As the owner and a fellow traveler, Jack invites you to join us on this unending exploration of the great outdoors.